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     Hi, my name is Patrick Kiel and I am passionate about coral reef ecosystems and the value they bring to coastal communities. As an interdisciplinary coral reef ecologist, I collaborate with ecologists, engineers and physicists to leverage novel research techniques to better understand fundamental biological and ecological processes of corals to aid in the conservation and restoration of coral reef ecosystems. My career is guided by my vision to ensure the beauty, economic and ecological significance, and scientific curiosity of coral reefs are ensured for generations to come.

     I currently work as an intern in NOAA’s AOML Coral Program and will be beginning my graduate studies in January 2022 at the University of Miami's Department of Marine Biology and Ecology. I am broadly interested in coral reef ecology with prior research experience in physiological assessments of coral holobionts and understanding how the persistence of habitat structure drives marine ecosystems and protects neighboring coastal communities. Currently, I am developing an open-access tool to determine the genotypic influence of Acropora cervicornis on the coral's phenotype by connecting disparate datasets from researchers across Florida and the western Caribbean. This tool supports coral restoration efforts and promotes open science throughout the restoration community. Please explore this site to learn more about my other work.


Below are a collection of some of the latest projects I have been a part of.

Physiological Response to Ocean Acidification

Mechanical Strength of Nursery Corals

AcDC: An open-access database